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NTN -SNR EUROPE is the European division of NTN Corporation with manufacturing facilities in 19 countries.

The Japanese company NTN was established in 1918 and originally specialized in the production of ball bearings. In 1961, a subsidiary was established in Germany. Thus began the expansion of the Japanese manufacturer: in 1968, factories in North America started operating, and in 1985 a joint venture with the United States was opened. In the 1990s, NTN opened factories in Thailand and China and acquired one of the leading bearing manufacturers in France.

NTN is the second largest bearing manufacturer in Japan. The brand is widely known for its products for high-tech industries: office equipment, computer equipment, modern devices for the aircraft industry and the space industry. The company owns Japan’s first bearing plant for the aerospace industry.

In 2008, as part of the development of the European market, the NTN-SNR group was created .

SNRis a well-known European bearing brand, whose history began in 1916 in the small French town of Annecy. The company was founded by Jacques Schmidt, a former blacksmith from the suburbs of Switzerland, who made the first bearing back in 1880, laying the foundation for a future business. At first, bearings were produced under the SRO brand, the name of which consisted of the first letters of the names of Schmidt, his wife and the village of Orlikon, where the first workshop was located. After the construction of the plant in France, production reached a new level, the largest engineering companies became its consumers. During the Second World War, the company survived a serious crisis and became the property of the French automaker Renault, receiving the new name SNR, which means “new bearing company”. After that, work began on the accelerated restoration of the plant’s production capacity. In 1956, the company managed to fully recover after the war. A year later, the SNR plant concludes a contract with the Citroen car brand, which installs bearing units on the front axle of their cars. The success of the company has created a high reputation in the market of bearing manufacturers.

But the modern world has set new tasks, which the merger with NTN Corporation helped to solve .

Today, NTN-SNR manufactures products certified to the strictest international standards, which are used in the manufacture of printers, scanners, fax machines, hard drives, medical equipment, high-precision machine tools and professional tools. The company actively cooperates with automotive market leaders from Europe and Asia. Among its regular partners are VW Group, Fiat Group, Ford, Opel, Renault, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi and other auto giants. In addition to bearings for gearboxes, suspensions, clutches, NTN-SNR manufactures important components for intelligent vehicle systems for them.

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