6316ZZ NACHI roller bearing

6316ZZ NACHI roller bearing


6316ZZ NACHI roller bearing specification

  • Bearing name : 6316ZZ NACHI roller bearing
  • Brand model : 6316ZZ NACHI roller
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    170 mm80 mm39 mm
    CategoryDeep groove ball bearings specifications
    Brand model6316ZZ

6316ZZ NACHI roller bearing


The company was founded in 1928. The company was created by a talented engineer and entrepreneur Kohki Imura’s.

The company was originally established as a tool manufacturer in Toyama City, the capital of Toyama Prefecture.

The history of the creation of the brand – NACHI is very interesting. Initially, the company was called FUJIKOSHI.

The name NACHI comes from “Kumano Nachi Taisha”, the name of a famous Japanese Shinto shrine. In a literal translation – a strong entrepreneurial will.

In 1929, Emperor Hirohito of Japan visited an exhibition in Osaka Prefecture to support and encourage domestic Japanese production. At the exhibition, he personally examined the FUJIKOSHI hacksaw blade and praised the product.

Overjoyed, Imura, in order to attract the attention of the emperor, decided to continue to call his goods – NACHI, in honor of the name of the sea cruiser on which the emperor sailed to Osaka.

In 1933 the first bearings were developed.

In 1938 the company started a steel mill.

As of 11.2014, NACHI-FUJIKOSHI Corporation has 51 production and trading assets, 23 in Japan and 28 outside of it. The corporation is diversified, shares are traded on the stock exchange.

Total sales for 11 months of 2014 $1.85 billion.

The head office of the company is located in Tokyo.

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI Corporation does not have an official representative office in Russia.

All over the world, the corporation is much better known not as a manufacturer of bearings, but as a manufacturer of industrial robots, cutting tools, machine tools and hydraulic equipment。

FZ bearings company can not only provide customer high quality 6316ZZ NACHI bearings, but also best service of 6316ZZ NACHI can be offered. Over the past one decade, we export 6316ZZ NACHI bearing to every corner of the world. Always,we try the best to provide every customer high performannce 6316ZZ NACHI bearings. Contact us for more information of 6316ZZ NACHI bearing. And if you have any questions of 6316ZZ NACHI, you can send an email to:18615190980@163.com. We sure you will satisfied with our service of 6316ZZ NACHI bearings.

6316ZZ NACHI roller bearing


Bearing manufacturer NACHI AMERICA INC is a global brand. The company produces innovative products: bearings and precision-type cutting tools, machine tools and equipment that operate on hydraulics, high-speed steel, and even robotic equipment. The NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP brand was founded in 1928. It happened in the city of Toyama in Japan. The place of the founder was taken by Kohki Imura, who named the company FUJIKOSHI. Thus, this man wanted to show to the whole world his belief that the process of supplying machine tools occupies an important place in order for the economy to flourish domestically.

“Fuji” – the first two symbols of the brand were taken from Buddhist scriptures. “Koshi” is a common area along the Sea of ​​Japan for a long time. But “Nachi” also refers to Japanese origin: part of the Great Temple. This is how the products began to be called after the naval cruiser of the Japanese emperor arrived in the country. The entire range of bearings is produced using materials that are manufactured at the factories of the NACHI brand. Here apply all the necessary knowledge regarding cutting, processing at the thermal level. All this was obtained in the process of long experience, when they began to produce tools of the cutting type. Thanks to a complete production cycle, the company has been able to produce high-speed type bearings that meet the required standards of strength, accuracy and quality. Such products are often used in the automotive industry, including other industries. Speaking about the history of the American branch of NACHI AMERICA INC., 1962 should be noted. During this period, offices were formed where they sold brand products in New York.

The NACHI company was founded in 1928, it has been committed to the development of machinery technology, and machinery manufacturing since its start. 6316ZZ NACHI company based in Fuji, Japan, in North America, South America, Europe and Asia also set up production base, and have set up representative offices and sales outlets throughout the world,which can quickly and accurately grasp the market trend, to meet customer wishes.

Its products mainly include: 6316ZZ NACHI, cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic device, the robot system, cutting tool, machine tools, bearings, hydraulic equipment, automatic production using of robots, special steel, the IT industry of super precision machine and environment system, etc, which NACHI bearing is one of the big four Japan’s famous brand bearing currently. NACHI products can be covered almost all the machinery industry, including robot system, lathe, tools, automotive, large equipment and so on.

The advantages of 6316ZZ NACHI are: 1,reduce the friction and the loss; 2, extend the fatigue life; 3, eduction friction heat, cooling.

FZ bearings is a professional NACHI bearings supplier provides high quality cheap price NACHI deep groove ball bearings, roller bearings, special industrial bearings with one stop. If you are looking for 6316ZZ NACHI bearings, please feel free to contact us and send an email to: 18615190980@163.com

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